16 July 2010

Machete, Centurion, Due Date, Devil

An update of Machete trailer with 5.1 sound. Also, sorry for delays: Munchkin Thursdays and OpenStreetMap leave little chance to prepare this collection in time.

Download: 1080p (1,1 GB), 480p (280 MB)

Centurion - Trailer: 1080p stereo 1:55
Devil - Trailer: 1080p 5.1ch 2:30
Due Date - Teaser: 1080p stereo 2:08
It's Kind of a Funny Story - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:28
Machete - Trailer: 1080p 5.1ch 1:59
Ready, Set, Bag! - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:12
Welcome to the Rileys - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:25

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