30 April 2010

Jonah Hex, Eclipse, Metropolis

Yup, another delay. Those will be happening, since it's warm outside and there's lots of things to do besides collecting trailers.

Also, I'm stopping to seed too old trailer packs: only 12 weeks of history from now on. Use sources listed below if you cannot download needed pack.

Download: 1080p (1,26 GB), 480p (363 MB)

In theaters next week:

The Back-Up Plan: see 2009-12-31 (included in 480p pack)

Latest trailers:

African Cats - Trailer: 1080p stereo 1:36
Happiness Runs - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:02
Jonah Hex - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:30
Metropolis - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:00
OSS 117 - Lost in Rio - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:14
Survival of the Dead - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:03
The Disappearance of Alice Creed - US Teaser: 1080p 5.1ch 1:16
The Last Airbender - Trailer 2: 1080p 5.1ch 1:58
The Scientist - Teaser: 1080p stereo 0:56
The Twilight Saga - Eclipse - Trailer: 1080p stereo 1:39

22 April 2010

Beastly, TiMER, Get Low, Kisses

A lot of bad trailers were removed from this pack, but there are gems in the rest.
Download: 1080p (1,05 GB), 480p (348 MB)

In theaters next week:

Iron Man 2: see 2009-12-17 and 2010-03-11
Nightmare On Elm Street: see 2010-03-04 and 2010-04-15
Furry Vengeance: see 2009-12-24 (included in 480p pack)

Latest trailers:

10 Mountains 10 Years - Trailer: 1080p stereo 1:50
Beastly - Trailer: 720p stereo 2:40
Get Low - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:07
High School - Teaser: 480p stereo 1:10
Holy Rollers - Trailer: 1080p 5.1ch 2:18
It's A Wonderful Afterlife - Trailer: 720p stereo 1:44
John Rabe - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:09
Kisses - Trailer: 1080p stereo 1:48
Sea Rex 3D - Trailer: 1080p stereo 1:01
TiMER - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:09

16 April 2010

Sex and the City 2, When in Rome

Slow week, no trailers worth mentioning. Sorry for delay.
Download: 1080p (1,55 GB), 480p (412 MB)

In theaters next week:

Wall Street - Trailer: 1080p 5.1ch 1:34
When In Rome - Trailer: 1080p stereo 3:29
Dear John: see 2010-02-04

Latest trailers:

Looking for Eric - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:22
Malice In Wonderland - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:12
Nightmare On Elm Street 2010 - Trailer 2: 1080p stereo 2:03
Ondine - Trailer: 1080p 5.1ch 2:03
Sex and the City 2 - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:30
The Kids Are All Right - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:27
The Losers - Trailer 2: 1080p stereo 2:31
The Other Guys - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:29

And the video game bonus:

Patrick Jean - Pixels: 720p stereo 2:31

8 April 2010

Salt, Knight and Day, Resident Evil Afterlife

Well, hello again. I've finally got to register on Blogger. And as always, this is a collection of movie trailers for next week premieres and latest interesting trailers in HD 1080p (1,95 GB) and 480p (533 MB). Now you can follow this collection by subscribing your torrent client to RSS feed for 1080p or 480p trailer packs. Enjoy these excellent trailers and seed generously!

In theaters next week:

Kick-Ass: there were 5 trailers in last 5 months
The Ghost Writer: see 2010-02-04

Latest trailers:

Babies - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:25
Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky - Trailer: 1080p stereo 1:58
Dinner for Schmucks - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:26
I Am Love - Trailer: 1080p 5.1ch 2:05
Knight and Day - Trailer 2: 1080p stereo 2:30
Lottery Ticket - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:32
Peacock - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:17
Resident Evil Afterlife - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:03
Salt - Trailer 2: 1080p 5.1ch 2:24
Solitary Man - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:30
Splice - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:17
The A-Team - Trailer 2: 1080p 5.1ch 2:28

I'm currently thinking on means to improve announces. Maybe, write a couple of words on movies, rank trailers in stars and such. I'd be happy to hear your suggestions.

7 April 2010


This is the list of all torrents I've published to date.


April 1: 1080p 480p (Expendables, Scott Pilgrim, Step Up)
March 25: 1080p 480p (Predators, Megamind, Eat Pray Love)
March 18: 1080p 480p (Shrek 4, Robin Hood, Nanny McPhee 2)
March 11: 1080p 480p (Iron Man 2, Tron Legacy, Eclipse)
March 4: 1080p 480p (After.Life, Birdemic, Prince of Persia)
February 25: 1080p 480p (Secret of Kells, Karate Kid, Wall Street)
February 18: 1080p 480p (Defendor, Girl With Dragon Tattoo)
February 11: 1080p 480p (Killers, Toy Story 3, Last Airbender)
February 4: 1080p 480p (Chloe, Wolfman, Ghost Writer)
January 28: 1080p (Cyrus, Mother, Good Guy, Armored)
January 21: 1080p (Season of Witch, MacGruber, Legion)
January 14: 1080p (Kick-Ass, Tooth Fairy, Atithi, A-Team)
January 7: 1080p (Up in Air, Fish Tank, Book of Eli)


December 31: 1080p (Daybreakers, Inception, Cop Out)
December 24: 1080p
December 17: 1080p
December 10: 1080p
December 3: 1080p
November 26: 1080p
November 19: 1080p
November 12: 1080p