30 April 2010

Jonah Hex, Eclipse, Metropolis

Yup, another delay. Those will be happening, since it's warm outside and there's lots of things to do besides collecting trailers.

Also, I'm stopping to seed too old trailer packs: only 12 weeks of history from now on. Use sources listed below if you cannot download needed pack.

Download: 1080p (1,26 GB), 480p (363 MB)

In theaters next week:

The Back-Up Plan: see 2009-12-31 (included in 480p pack)

Latest trailers:

African Cats - Trailer: 1080p stereo 1:36
Happiness Runs - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:02
Jonah Hex - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:30
Metropolis - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:00
OSS 117 - Lost in Rio - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:14
Survival of the Dead - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:03
The Disappearance of Alice Creed - US Teaser: 1080p 5.1ch 1:16
The Last Airbender - Trailer 2: 1080p 5.1ch 1:58
The Scientist - Teaser: 1080p stereo 0:56
The Twilight Saga - Eclipse - Trailer: 1080p stereo 1:39

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