7 April 2010


This is the list of all torrents I've published to date.


April 1: 1080p 480p (Expendables, Scott Pilgrim, Step Up)
March 25: 1080p 480p (Predators, Megamind, Eat Pray Love)
March 18: 1080p 480p (Shrek 4, Robin Hood, Nanny McPhee 2)
March 11: 1080p 480p (Iron Man 2, Tron Legacy, Eclipse)
March 4: 1080p 480p (After.Life, Birdemic, Prince of Persia)
February 25: 1080p 480p (Secret of Kells, Karate Kid, Wall Street)
February 18: 1080p 480p (Defendor, Girl With Dragon Tattoo)
February 11: 1080p 480p (Killers, Toy Story 3, Last Airbender)
February 4: 1080p 480p (Chloe, Wolfman, Ghost Writer)
January 28: 1080p (Cyrus, Mother, Good Guy, Armored)
January 21: 1080p (Season of Witch, MacGruber, Legion)
January 14: 1080p (Kick-Ass, Tooth Fairy, Atithi, A-Team)
January 7: 1080p (Up in Air, Fish Tank, Book of Eli)


December 31: 1080p (Daybreakers, Inception, Cop Out)
December 24: 1080p
December 17: 1080p
December 10: 1080p
December 3: 1080p
November 26: 1080p
November 19: 1080p
November 12: 1080p

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