8 April 2010

Salt, Knight and Day, Resident Evil Afterlife

Well, hello again. I've finally got to register on Blogger. And as always, this is a collection of movie trailers for next week premieres and latest interesting trailers in HD 1080p (1,95 GB) and 480p (533 MB). Now you can follow this collection by subscribing your torrent client to RSS feed for 1080p or 480p trailer packs. Enjoy these excellent trailers and seed generously!

In theaters next week:

Kick-Ass: there were 5 trailers in last 5 months
The Ghost Writer: see 2010-02-04

Latest trailers:

Babies - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:25
Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky - Trailer: 1080p stereo 1:58
Dinner for Schmucks - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:26
I Am Love - Trailer: 1080p 5.1ch 2:05
Knight and Day - Trailer 2: 1080p stereo 2:30
Lottery Ticket - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:32
Peacock - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:17
Resident Evil Afterlife - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:03
Salt - Trailer 2: 1080p 5.1ch 2:24
Solitary Man - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:30
Splice - Trailer: 1080p stereo 2:17
The A-Team - Trailer 2: 1080p 5.1ch 2:28

I'm currently thinking on means to improve announces. Maybe, write a couple of words on movies, rank trailers in stars and such. I'd be happy to hear your suggestions.

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